November 5, 2018

Speechless Silence

Today’s devotional takes aim at carnality in Christian conservatives. Perhaps it is because I attend a church where many are filled with the Spirit and being used by God that I cannot agree with his accusations. If anyone reading this is stuck in a congregation that is largely walking in the flesh, they can heed Tozer’s rebuke and seek the face of God for renewal and cleansing.

Yesterday our church seemed the most precious place to be. Prayer before the service — a great blessing, worship —rich and sweet, the message — filled with truth and fellowship after during brunch —special. How can I describe these to anyone who is carnal? They would nod their heads and say something like, “Nice” and miss the blessedness of peace and joy God gives to His people who seek Him.

All week we have experienced the Lord’s presence in a special way. A family crisis put continual prayer in our hearts and a gracious God kept answering those prayers, one by one, detail by detail. We are amazed by grace, by His attention to a situation that overwhelmed us and looked dire — except to a God for whom nothing is impossible.

Yesterday was icing on a cake. It was our opportunity to praise God from the bottom of our hearts, right to the bottom of our toes! Today’s verse sums it up, not merely for me who is rarely in danger but for the one in our family who desperately needed His power to bring her peace and safety.

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” (Psalm 4:8)

We arrived at church filled with the joy of answered prayer and wanting to shout the glory of God from the top of our lungs. Then we met a woman who glowed with that glory. She came from a country that forbids faith in Christ. She was saved as a child watching the dramatic changes in her father’s life who was saved while alone in his room where he met Jesus Christ. She came out of that world, moved to an island where she could practice medicine (her skills are remarkable) and learned a new language and culture. Then, after a few years, she came to our country, learned English, and is nearly completed a degree in advanced medical training. Her story and her face proclaimed the glory of God.

Tozer writes something that decorates the entire week. It describes my hours of prayer, long periods of silent worship, and a Sunday that brought heaven very near. He wrote: “More spiritual progress can be made in one short moment of speechless silence in the awesome presence of God than in years of mere study.… The exposure may be brief but the results are permanent.”

Lord Jesus, with face turned toward You in silent worship, my heart is filled to overflowing with the wonder that You came, You are here with us, You listen to our prayers and answer our deepest needs sometimes before we can articulate them. You are totally incredible, an awesome God, a precious Savior. I’m sad if someone claims to be a Christian and mostly still goes their own way, slugging it out in the ditches when they could be oblivious to their own selves and lost in the joy of You.

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