January 18, 2016

More angels

It's been a long day. Our doctor had room for my husband around noon, took his vitals, and as soon as he saw his blood-oxygen, called an ambulance. The one that answered the call was sitting almost outside the building when it came in, so they were there almost before the doctor's secretary hung up the phone. They came up with a gurney, put him on oxygen right away, and off they went. Then our angel of a doctor prayed for him, the other medical people, and for me, before I left for the nearest hospital.

Nearest -- that was a blessing for all the hospitals in our city of one million were backed up and saying 'no' to any more ambulances at the ERs. They were going to send us to another city, but the EMT angels said no way, and took him about 30 blocks instead.

Our doctor sent a letter requesting 4 specialists, so he was not long in the que. After a multitude of tests, x-rays, etc. we were told he has viral pneumonia, maybe bacterial pneumonia also. The oxygen is helping, but he is on an IV and being watched closely by a multitude of angels in scrubs. He is ordinarily very healthy but CLL lowers the immune system making this a large threat.

But God has angels. He kept another one awake last night, then Lord directed her to read this blog this morning. She called first then showed up and brought us something to eat. 

I'm home and will go back in the morning hoping to find him in a ward and not in the ER waiting for a bed.

Thanks for praying, dear friends.

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Erika said...

I think I know that last angel as she has done the same for me. Love and prayers during this time, Elsie.