August 22, 2012

Jesus cares about the ordinary

A Christian woman complained about an on-going minor medical issue. I suggested that she ask God to heal her or at least give her comfort. She surprised me with, “Oh this is not spiritual. It is a physical thing.”
The life of Jesus Christ shows that God is interested in both. He forgave sinners, but He also healed sickness and infirmities. Today’s verses add even more; Jesus cared about and took care of ordinary issues too.
Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him. (John 13:5)
Dusty feet were normal. A good host always directed a servant to wash the feet of his guests. This was an ordinary task, but if anyone has ever had sweaty, dust covered feet, it is not difficult to imagine the refreshment and blessing of this lowly service. 

Jesus used this ministry to those with ordinary needs to show His disciples the importance of loving service. However, this action also shows His heart. The Lord God of the universe cares about ordinary problems. He also cares about minor medical issues, and those more severe, but He takes note of all that bothers us and stands ready to serve those needs.

Today’s devotional reading says this:
We forget that Jesus Christ is the same today when He is sitting on the throne, as He was yesterday when He trod the pathway of our world. And in this forgetfulness how much we miss! What He was, that He is. What He said, that He says. The Gospels are simply specimens of the life that He is ever living; they are leaves torn out of the diary of His unchangeable Being.
As I look at the life of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, I see a man who is powerful, wise and good, yet He is also tender, loving and practical. If He healed people in the past, He can heal people today. How much that woman missed by putting Him into a box.

As for me, I have struggled with my attitude and with minor aches and pains. Some days I have little ambition, even with lots to do. In all this ordinary stuff of life, Jesus cares. Yes, He cures major ailments. Yes, He brings hope and healing to those who have gigantic problems. But because He also washes feet, I know He cares about my minute struggles. This one I call Master and Lord still girds Himself and comes forth to serve. 

His unchanging care also covers spiritual matters. I need continual cleansing to keep me upright. It is not enough to look back to that day when I first asked the Son of God to pardon my sin. He says, “Thy sins, which are many, are all forgiven” (Luke 7:47), yet He knows and cares that I need daily, hourly cleansing — from daily, hourly sin. 

My Savior ever lives, always cares and constantly makes intercession for me, but He also washes my feet.

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