March 10, 2007

Because He lives, I can get through today!

Today I feel pretty much the screwed up human being. Never mind the horrid head cold and not having a recognizable voice, yesterday after lunch, I shoulder-checked both ways but didn’t see the little grey car that scooted behind my much taller vehicle. The driver was nice about it, and figured the scrape on her back bumper would cost less than her deductible. So she is getting a quote this week, and on my way back home, I will stop in that town and call her.

After that, and after two session in a stuffy conference room, I was starting to wonder, Why am I here? Not just here in the mountains at a conference, but here on earth. I wanted to go home, not the house I live in, but home to heaven. (Yea, I was feeling that crummy.)

God gave me a good verse this morning, one that reminds me that this life is not all there is, and on a day when I need such a reminder. John 14 says, “A little while longer and the world will see Me no more, but you will see Me. Because I live, you will live also.”

Jesus would soon be crucified, but that was not the end of Him (nor did He marry, live and die at a later date, despite the current claims). He died, was in the tomb for three days, then rose again, and was seen by over 500 witnesses. Some of them watched Him ascend into heaven, and true to His word, the world would see Him nor more.

But His followers see Him. He is as real to me as any person, perhaps even more so, because He shares His life with me and knows more about me than I know myself. But the best part is His promise, “Because I live, you will live also.”

He is not talking about me dying and then walking out of my tomb here on earth; He is talking about living like He lives—eternally, with a life that never ends. He has already given me that life!

Today that lifts my earthbound heart. Every time I look out the window at the Rocky Mountains here in Canmore, or look at the creativity of the conference participants, I will think of the One who fashioned the world by His word and formed us from dust. All this it nice (except the cold and the accident) but it is temporary. Today I can rejoice because Jesus promised me that because He lives, I will also live with Him—forever.

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