December 9, 2006


This morning I came to my computer somewhat discouraged. Why am I doing this blog? I know the Lord clearly directed me to start it and that should be reason enough, but today I needed something more. I asked Him to speak to me, to renew my purpose for this.

I turned to my devotional reading and this is what it said, “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet” (John 13:14).

Splash! The reading that went with it confirmed what I was already thinking; Christians may start the day with Jesus, but after going to work, or dealing with family, or whatever their day brings them, they feel ‘dusty’ and affected by the difficult, even the mundane chores of life. Foot-washing is symbolic for refreshing their spirits, restoring them to the joy of the Lord that was covered up by the ‘dust’ of being involved in the world.

I’m thinking, Wait a minute! I can be more like a power-hose than a nice, gentle soak. My spiritual gift is more teaching than it is encouraging, and I tend to be very black and white, and without much compassion. Can God use that to clean dusty hearts?

Yet some readers tell me that when they cannot have devotions at home, they turn to this blog when they get to work. As for me, I start out looking for something to bless me—I get my share of dust too—and when I put whatever God gave me into words, they say it often applies to them also. That amazes me. Splash!

God amazes me too. How can He have someone write a devotional book written 40-50 years ago that would address my questions and needs, day in and day out, almost without fail? How can a writer from a different continent, race, and language, and dead now for several years, continue to wash the feet of a person like me? Splash!

Only God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, can take what someone writes and motivate others to read it, not only the right time, but when they are really need to hear it. Splash!

My feet are washed. I’m ready for whatever and wherever life will take me today. God reassures me that a small drop or a big splash of His water of life can deal with the biggest mud balls or the smallest dust bunnies affecting me. Not only that, the over-spray will do the same for anyone standing nearby.

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darien said...

Hey there--I am one of the people who checks in every day, and so appreciate your insight and wisdom. I recognize the effort that this takes, and I appreciate it, very very much