August 24, 2012

Blessings from heaven

When is a shower of blessing not a shower? When your hubby is in a golf tournament in the mountains and it stops raining for the day!

We are in the Rockies. I look out the window to see fresh snow on some of the peaks. It was really warm yesterday but temperatures dropped in the night and rain fell for most of it. The forecast said it would rain all day too, and be cold, but it stopped by 7:30 and now, an hour later, the sun is pouring through the clouds. Here, it could go one way or the other – sock in and pour, or clear up and warm up. For those in the tournament, the blessing would not be a shower!

God used the metaphor of showers for His grace to His people. Someone wrote a hymn called Showers of Blessing, an old hymn but still sung in many churches (listen to this snappy version). For ancient Israel living in an arid land, showers were a great image for God’s promised blessings.
And I will make them and the places all around my hill a blessing, and I will send down the showers in their season; they shall be showers of blessing. (Ezekiel 34:26)
Spurgeon wrote the devotional today. In his flowery language, he makes the point that there is more than one kind of drought. God’s blessings are for those dry in spirit and parched for comfort from God.

I’ve been there; not right now, but the verse says “showers in their season” because God knows that His children will have times in our lives when all the life seems sucked out of us. We cannot go on without a blessing from Him. It is good to know this promise before trouble strikes.

The promise is enormous. He says showers, in plural and in the right season – their season, a hint that the showers will be in the right time, place, portion and type to bless each one on the receiving end according to their need. Perhaps even more amazing is that the first part of this verse says He will make the dry and needy person and all places around His hill (probably referring to places of worship) also a blessing. It is one thing to be watered and nourished through a dry spell, but even more to become a blessing to others because of God’s blessing!

I don’t know if the blessing today will be rain, no rain, or even sunshine. I do know that whatever my husband needs, God is quite able to give that kind of care to him. I also know that if He does, He will get the glory.

Father, You control the weather, but also in Your hand are the showers of blessing, whether they come as actual showers or not. Thank You for this place, the splendor of creation around us, and for all Your decisions concerning us. Your mercy and grace have no limit.

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