July 5, 2012

The Joy of the Lord and Living Water

Parts of southern Alberta contain miles and miles of nothing. The only trees in sight of our prairie farm were those that my father planted. A small stream ran through our yard, so small that it does not show on Google Earth. Another stream wound its way from the northwest through the middle of that half section of land, becoming a small lake, or slough as we called it. Miles and miles of wheat fields looked like desert sand. 
West of our house, in the neighbor’s field, was what could be called an oasis. I used to ride my horse to this spot. It was a “spring” of water that flowed continually from a small pipe stuck in the ground, not enough water to bottle or satisfy a few cows, but it was just enough for me when I was hot and thirsty. A green spot on the Google Earth screen could be its location, but this was so long ago that I am not sure. I remember only that it tasted wonderful.

The Old Testament stories of God’s people often feature an oasis or a well. These were sometimes named using terms that referred to God. One such well is described in the story of Abraham’s son, Isaac.
After the death of Abraham, God blessed Isaac his son. And Isaac settled at Beer-lahai-roi. (Genesis 25:11)
Beer-lahai-roi means a place in the desert, a well of the living One. This name reminds readers that God is our source of supply. However, like the spring I remember from my childhood, I must make the effort to go to that source.

Spurgeon wrote today’s devotional reading based on this verse. He noted that Isaac dwelt at this well and made it his constant source of supply. Spurgeon goes on to point out that the “tenor of a life is the dwelling place of his soul” and the true test of his condition. He adds encouragement to me that I must “learn to live in the presence of the living God.” 

As Spurgeon says, I need to pray that “God sees me” but also that He be as a well to me, refreshing, delightful, comforting, unfailing, springing up into eternal life. My life is like a leather water bottle that can crack and dry up, but the well or the spring of my Creator never fails. 

Father, I’m tired this morning from the work of yesterday and even from the thought of what remains to do today. Yet the memory of that natural spring brings a peaceful joy to my heart. Ahh, the good taste of cool, pure water from a natural spring… yet how much more delight You give when I draw from Your well of Living Water, Jesus Christ. Through Him, You offer comfort and satisfaction in an abundant and constant supply, satisfying my thirst and refreshing my heart, even giving new energy to my tired and weary body. Keep me near, dwelling daily by the joy-giving well of the living God! 

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