June 22, 2012

God’s silence

One prayer, prayed over the past forty years still goes unanswered. The answer to this request is within the will of God; I’ve found several Scripture promises that say He will do as I ask. Yet God is silent on this particular prayer. I’ve often wondered why and even asked Him. What is He trying to teach me through this?
Just before the crucifixion, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. Peter was like me, always wondering why. Washing dusty feet was the task of a servant, not the Son of God, at least in the mind of Peter. He was resistant to having Jesus do this for him and questioned it. Jesus answered him,
What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand. (John 13:7)
In this instance, Jesus was giving His disciples an example of loving service and showing them that since did it for them, they must also do it for one another. But they did not understand at that time. Understanding came later, after Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, and after He left them and sent the Holy Spirit to fill them with this amazing love that willingly serves others.

Jesus’ answer to Peter is His answer to me regarding my prayer. I do not understand why He seems to be doing nothing in regard to it, but this is not the first or only activity (or non-action) of God that is difficult to understand. Like all believers in Jesus Christ, I have had other lessons that tested my faith.

I now understand the awfulness of sin and that God must deal with it in ways that seem harsh to His children. He often uses pain or leads us in difficult situations so we might become more like Jesus. He may remove that which seems important and even precious to us, but we later realize that without it, we can travel freer and faster in our walk with Him. He knows what is best for His children. We do not.

Right now, I do not understand His full reasons for silence on this prayer, but have some clues to what He is doing. For instance, I have learned to talk to Him about this without whining, pleading or trying to bargain. My faith is stronger too. I know that He hears me and will answer in His perfect timing. I do not understand how or now, but He says I will later. That is good enough for me. 

Lord, again today You ask me to trust You. You know what You are doing; I haven’t a clue. In that, I must give up (no way) or walk by faith. Since the faith that You give does not give up, then this prayer, and all my prayers, are in Your hands. I know that You will deal with them. I also know that one day I will understand the delay and worship You because of it.

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