November 16, 2011

Therefore my Hope is in Him

A woman told us, “My faith is very important to me.” Another said the same about her church. These statements cause me to ask myself what is important to me? Faith is precious. The church is also, as is the Bible and prayer. My family and friends are high on the list, and things like the ability to see and hear and taste and create. Yet none of these are at the top of the list. Instead, I have to agree with Jeremiah who wrote,
“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” (Lamentations 3:24)
This isn’t about a halfway, Sunday-only resource. God might have been in only one compartment of life at the beginning of my walk with Jesus, but since then He has shown me that every part of me, every area of life is empty and useless without Him. He is my portion, my sole resource, my life, my everything — for all of it.

Faith apart from the object of faith is empty. It cannot exist by itself. Just believing implies believing in something. If that something cannot pass all tests, then that faith loses its value. Because the Lord passes all the tests, my faith in Him is important, but not as important as He is.

Church is important too. However, without Jesus it would not exist. The biblical church is made up of all who do believe in Him, who have new life in Him, who are relying on Him totally — not only for eternal life but for this life also. We have Jesus in common and because He lives in us, we have a communion that is unlike any other. This does not depend on being alike, having the same interests or even speaking the same language. It is because of our God, not any other reason that we are united. He is our portion.

All genuine spiritual disciplines and practices center on Jesus Christ. We read the Bible to hear His Word. We pray to share our hearts with Him. We gather together to praise His name and worship Him. He is our portion.

Family and friends are vital also, sometimes even more so if we share the same life of Christ. And if not, those who know Jesus deeply desire to share Him with those who do not. We share His love and life so that they too might know Him as their portion.

All comes from Him. In Him I live and move. Because of Him, I am alive and breathing. He gives me health, ideas, abilities. Because He created me in His image, I have a spirit that longs for Him, a soul that drinks deeply from Him, hands that gladly serve Him. All creativity and the desire to do good and obey Him are from the One who is my portion. Therefore my hope is in Him.

Lord, You are at the top of my priority list, even at the center of all other things on that list. You are my life. You satisfy all my needs and fulfill all desires. What more can I say? Thank You.

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