August 12, 2010

To Live is Christ — trusting the God of my Master

When Abraham sent his servant on a wife-finding mission, the servant was unsure if he could do the job. As he neared the city where he hoped to find the right person, he prayed, “You, Lord, are the God my master Abraham worships. Please keep your promise to him and let me find a wife for Isaac today.” (Genesis 24:12, CEV)

How strange. If the servant believed God would answer his prayer, why did he bring Abraham into it? Did he think Abraham had some special relationship with God that he didn’t have? This servant seemed to trust God too. For instance, when God answered his prayer a bit later, the servant said, “I thank you, Lord God of my master Abraham! You have led me to his relatives and kept your promise to him.” (Genesis 24:27, CEV)

Again, he called God the Lord God of his master. Why didn’t he say that God was his God? Later when the woman he found agreed to go with him and marry Abraham’s son, the servant worshiped God.  Throughout this story, this humble man calls Abraham “my master” nearly twenty times.

I’m seeing this as a picture the attitude of those who are servants of Jesus Christ. This man displays so many things that God is trying to teach me.

The first one is obedience without question. The task seems impossible, but this servant doesn’t hesitate. He does exactly what his master says, without hesitation, without questions or protest of any kind.

This servant also perseveres. It is a long way from Abraham’s house to the land where his kin lived, more than 450 miles. The servant didn’t quit and turn back when he got tired. He continued although traveling conditions were harsh.

When the servant prays, he uses his master’s name much the same way God asks me to pray in Jesus’ name. My own name doesn’t matter and neither did his. It isn’t even mentioned. Just as he did, I am supposed to come to God in the name of my master, the One whom I serve. My prayers are supposed to be offered with the same attitude as my Master would offer them. Even their content is supposed to be as if Jesus is praying.

Like the servant, when God hears and answers, I am to rejoice. However, this is not because the answer has anything to do with me. It goes back to a deeply profound reality; the Father made an agreement with the Son, my Master. When I pray in His name, He keeps His promises to Jesus and answers my prayers.

The big difference between me and the servant of Abraham is that he left his master to go on an assignment. When my Master sends me anywhere, He goes with me. In fact, He says that He will never leave me or forsake me.

I thank You God, Father of my Master Jesus Christ. You have led me to the places You want me to be and have kept all your promises to Jesus. I can trust You as the Father of my Master, and also as my own heavenly Father.

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