July 11, 2007


Every four months my husband has a blood test to determine what is happening with his CLL. He got the results of his most recent test yesterday. Much to his doctor's amazement, his white count, which has been rising and is one indicator of CLL, has dropped considerably. It is below the levels from last fall. All other numbers for various other blood factors are also down and not only that, his blood pressure and other vitals are perfect.

So does a heart attack affect CLL? Maybe a better diet and increased exercise are good for the immune system? The doctor used the word miracle (the numbers were that good), however we are just praising the Lord and not trying to figure it out. Like the doctor said, "Keep doing what you are doing!"


Valerie Dykstra said...

praise God from whom all blessings flow. i'm so happy to hear this.

Accidental Poet said...

GREAT news!

darien said...

Wow! I have two friends who are NOT doing well today, and so this news encourages me far more than you know. In your prayers, could you please add Bob and Donna to your list of fellow cancer patients? They (Bob especially) need exactly this kind of news. Love you both!

LC said...

God is so merciful. My prayer for your friends, Bob and Donna, is that He is gracious to them. Life does not always seem fair; nevertheless, God is always good and never makes mistakes.


violet said...

Excellent news! Praise the Lord!!