May 24, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I don't know who started these "13 things" but today I'm thinking 13 things I am thankful for this Thursday.

1) Daily bread, the stuff from the Bible that feeds my spirit, but also the stuff in the kitchen that was baked yesterday and still smells as if it came from heaven.

2) A husband who is not afraid to share his weaknesses, and to tell people that "everyone is terminal, and everyone needs to be ready."

3) Tulips. They don't care about the weather; they still bloom and look beautiful even though it snowed just north of us yesterday.

4) Being made in God's image so that I too can create. Some of what I want to do loom as large and formidable challenges, but I doubt God thought that way when He spoke the universe into existence... so I'm also thankful for His incredible example.

5) Books and paper and words and word processors and all forms of communication.

6) Banana Cream Pie. My waist does not need it, but my tastebuds are so thankful.

7) My children who stand strong for justice and many other biblical principles, many times without even realizing that they are shining.

8) The ability to think, laugh, remember, and clean up my messy desk.

9) Friends, especially those whose minds dovetail with mine so when we talk, it is as if we fill in the "blank spots" for one another. Is that a soul-mate?

10) Telemarketers who just may eventually teach me to be polite when I prefer being annoyed. (Ugh, did I really just write that?)

11) Color. Every color. Combinations of color. Surprises of color. Cool colors. Warm colors. Kaleidoscopes. Rainbows. I picked Tuscany for my 'trip of choice' until I realized the only thing that attracts me is its color.

12) Penquins and zebras. Not a lot of color, but great design! Way to go, God!

13) The National Geographic channel in high density, my armchair travel.

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Anonymous said...

i love this. valerie