March 28, 2007

Point of View

I’ve been trying to work on our family tree for several years, but I keep having the same frustration. I’m a detail person and get caught up in the minutia. I want to be able to put a big chart up on the wall with all the information gathered thus far, and then when I find a new tidbit, just write it in the appropriate place (or at least see at a glance that I already have it recorded).

My husband likes to look at the big picture. He prefers looking down from the top of the mountain, while I like to be at the bottom and look up, or even just enjoy a close-up of leaves and flowers nearby. Also, he remembers the gist of things, while I recall the details. I think he should do the family tree, but he isn’t interested.

It’s all perspective, how you look at something. The Bible talks about how we look at people. We can see them the human way, noticing and evaluating according to the world’s standards (appearance, achievement, popularity, etc.), but God wants us to think differently.

I noticed that happened to me when God changed my life. I became more fond of others, to care more about what happened to them. Instead of being so focused on ‘me, myself, and I’, Jesus changed my perspective to be more in line with His view of people.

In 2 Corinthians 5, Paul explains that because Christ died for everyone, those who have new life in Him should live for Him, not themselves. He goes on to say, “Therefore, from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him thus no longer.”

Seeing people “according to the flesh” is that old perspective of what matters on earth, but God’s perspective concerns eternal qualities, things that matter for heaven. Instead of being concerned with what impresses the world, He asks me to be more concerned with the things that He wants. He wants goodness, holiness, faith, and love for others, and He wants me to regard people from that perspective, not how much money they make, or what they look like, or if they are popular.

Most of the time I can do this, but I am very aware that this perspective is not the norm. When I take this perspective, I’m an oddity. In most circles, I don’t fit in, am misunderstood and sometimes totally ignored. I don’t like that much, but there are a couple of pluses. Besides being in good company, I learn far more about people than they realize, just by the way they respond to my way of looking!

Note: some are asking for updates about my husband and granddaughter. Bob is doing well. He says he is tired more easily, but he is going curling tonight, looking forward to golf this year, and his tests affirm that his CLL is still chronic and not into an acute stage. He is not being treated in any way and still going to work every day. Some people have lived many years with this, and he’s hoping to be one of them. The fact of this blood cancer remains part of our daily lives, but as he says, “We are all terminal. Deal with it.”

Our granddaughter is still free from depression and suicidal thoughts. As I think about the day (about a month ago) this change happened so dramatically, I’m convinced that her freedom came when she heard the words, “You need Jesus.” The evil forces that were plaguing her had to leave, because of the power of His name.

She still needs Jesus, but she is more like her old self, happy, making plans, and looking ahead. Now, the next biggest issue we see is that she needs to actually get a job (she is looking), then pay her bills. She wants to get another student loan and go back to school, and just skip those other responsibilities. Please continue to pray for her, first for her spiritual needs, but also for her need to be responsible for her life rather than expecting everyone else to pay her way. (We feed and house her, but won’t give her money.)

Thanks so much to all who are faithfully praying!


darien said...

Thanks for the update! I still read almost every day, and I appreciate your sharing!

LC said...

I was thinking about you yesterday! Glad you popped in.
prayers, elsie

Deb said...

Hi Elsie,
I just happened across your blog by chance and saw that your husband has CLL and that you folks are Christians.We have a website for Christian Cllers at You are welcome to come join in.We would love to have you!
God Bless,